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Hi , I’m Silviu.

Silviu Damian

Two decades ago, fresh out of university with a degree in economics, I was captivated by the timeless allure of marble. But it wasn’t just the beauty of this natural stone that drew me in. It was a deeper vision, a foresight of a future where the quality of craftsmanship was intertwined with the quality of the environment we create for our workforce. My experiences in the industry were eyeopening. I had witnessed managers who ruled with an iron fist, an old-school method that not only hampered productivity but also had lasting negative impacts on individuals. I firmly believed that the environment at work had profound ripple effects. A nurturing and educational approach to work not only enhances the quality of output but also transforms employees into better parents, better partners, and better individuals in their communities. Empowered by this conviction, we founded Avantgarde Tiling. Today, looking back on this transformative journey, my heart swells with pride. Not just for the majestic spaces we've carved, but for the lives we've enriched along the way. We didn't just shape stones; we sculpted an industry ethos, proving that with a forward thinking vision and deep respect for human potential, you can redefine as the true essence of quality.

Beyond the office, I'm a strategist at heart, whether I'm contemplating my next move on the chessboard, cheering at a Formula 1 race, or engaging in a lively ping pong match. Each of these passions brings a dynamic edge to my business acumen, infusing my approach to Avantgarde Tiling with the same level of precision, foresight, and competitive spirit that I apply to my hobbies.

The economic theories and principles I studied have been pivotal, not just in business analytics but in appreciating the intrinsic value of investing in people. This philosophy has been a guiding principle at Avantgarde Tiling, where we see our team's growth and excellence reflected in every project undertaken.

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