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Renovation of the RAF Museum's Original Terrazzo Floor

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the RAF Museum in Colindale, the decision was made to restore the terrazzo floor at the primary entrance, situated right in front of the main staircase. This iconic floor, a testament to the museum's rich history, was in dire need of repolishing and repair.

Project Details


Work: Maintenance

Date: 2023

Client Requirements and first inspection

Upon closer examination, especially in the area behind the main staircase which had been concealed under carpeting, we identified multiple areas requiring attention. These included noticeable patches, wear marks, and other repair needs to bring the floor back to its original splendour.


Recognizing the importance of the museum's offerings and the operational needs of the building, our pathways not only facilitate seamless entry to the main exhibits but also provide a clear route to the upper levels where the offices are located. This strategic design ensures that visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history of the exhibits while also accommodating the daily functions of the museum staff.

Carpet and Adhesive Removal

The previously hidden floor was revealed after the removal of the carpet and adhesive layers that had been covering it for years.



By employing careful honing, polishing, and colour matching techniques, the floor's original beauty was restored.

Repairs and Antislip Finish

Even the previous repairs and patches, which had been very obvious and often poorly finished, were now all but invisible to the visitors. Additionally, the floor received an antislip finish to ensure safety for all museum visitors.

Final Inspection

Upon completion of the renovation, the terrazzo floor was inspected to ensure that all repairs and finishes met the highest standards of quality and beauty, making it a fitting tribute to the RAF Museum's rich history.

The Challenges

One of the primary challenges we faced during the renovation was the issue of screed contamination seeping through the tiles. The screed, a layer beneath the flooring, had elements that threatened to compromise the integrity and appearance of the terrazzo tiles.

The presence of latex, underneath the carpet posed another significant challenge. This compound had been applied to the terrazzo to facilitate the carpet installation. Removing it without damaging the underlying terrazzo required a delicate balance of precision and force. We managed to restore the terrazzo's natural sheen while eliminating all traces of the compound.

The adhesive used for carpet installation had left unsightly stains on the terrazzo, compromising its aesthetic appeal. The challenge lay not just in removing these stains, but also in ensuring that the repairs blended seamlessly with the rest of the floor. By employing colour matching techniques and using high-quality materials, we were able to repair the stained areas.

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