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Homerton College Dining Hall - Resin Terrazzo Flooring Installation

Explore Avantgarde Tiling's unique resin terrazzo floor at Homerton College Dining Hall, featuring custom designs, advanced installation techniques, and integrated hearing loop systems.

Project Details

Client: Barnes Construction

Work: Resin Terrazzo Installation

Date: 2022

Client Requirements and Design intent

Initially, the Homerton College Dining Hall project was slated to feature cementitious terrazzo flooring. However, the complex backgammon design and concerns about ratio movement factors necessitated a shift to more versatile resin terrazzo.

Matching the College's Aesthetics

The process of crafting custom terrazzo samples for Homerton College's dining hall was both artistic and precise. It began with selecting various shades of green, chosen to complement the college's exterior cladding. Small-scale sample tiles were produced for visual reference, allowing for adjustments based on client feedback.

Integrating Modern Accessibility

The integration of a hearing loop system during the flooring installation was a key feature. This addition highlights the project's commitment to accessibility, ensuring the new floor was not only visually appealing but also accommodating for all users.

The installation of the terrazzo flooring demanded precise alignment with the hall's columns and intricate backgammon pattern, In the polishing phase, specialised machinery and techniques were employed to protect the floor from vibration damage, enhancing both its durability and aesthetic quality.

Anti-Slip Treatment for Safety and Beauty

Applying anti-slip treatment to the honed 400-grit terrazzo surface was crucial for safety and aesthetics. This treatment enhanced user safety while preserving the visual appeal of the terrazzo chips, striking a balance between functionality and design.

Final Inspection

Reflecting on the project, it successfully combined functionality with design elegance. The new flooring in Homerton College's dining hall stands as a testament to successfully overcoming of challenges, innovative solutions, and the impact of thoughtful design on a space's usability and aesthetics

The Challenges

Integrating the hearing loop system without interfering with the trims required precise angles and careful installation. Finding the right angle for trims was crucial to ensure system efficiency and design integrity.

Developing a system to avoid colour contamination, especially between green shades, was vital. This involved meticulous planning and execution to ensure distinct separation of colours and maintain the intended design.

Achieving the characteristics of a traditional 25 mm cementitious floor in a 10 mm resin terrazzo floor, while integrating 25 mm chips, posed a significant challenge.

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