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    22 Ropemaker, London

    Our project at 22 Ropemaker Street in London, encompassing 1500 m² of tiling, is a blend of precision and artistry. The reception area's design, achieved through meticulous tiling, perfectly mirrors the original design drawings. Key elements include thorough substrate preparation, ensuring a solid foundation for tiling, and the use of adhesive with mechanical restraints on walls for added durability. The lift lobby showcases large format tiles on both floors and walls, emphasizing the space's modernity and elegance. Featuring refined tile elegance, the reception area boasts large tiles on both floors and walls, creating a spacious, refined atmosphere. The unique reception design includes ceramic inserts that mimic shadows from tasteful lighting, adding depth and character. Seamless integration of these accents with the reception desk enhances the upscale ambiance. The contemporary bike entry with sleek wall tiles merges practicality and modern design, while the elegant locker rooms and the shower area, spanning over 400 m², blend style with functionality. This project highlights our commitment to detail, from initial design to the final installation.

    Project Details

    Client: JJ Sweeney

    Date: 2023

    Main Contractor: Skanska

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