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Hi , I’m Kieran.

Kieran David

In my role as Senior Project Manager at Avantgarde Tiling, I spearhead diverse projects from their conception to completion. This involves intricate planning, coordinating with site supervisors and labour teams, and ensuring seamless execution. My regular interactions with clients help align our work with their vision, guaranteeing each project's success.

At 16, a sports injury thwarted my promising football career, but it led me to discover my passion for motorsports. I now spend my leisure time drifting and enjoying track days, particularly with my cherished AE86.

Beginning my tiling career at 16 with Tile Shapes in Hemel Hempstead and achieving an NVQ 2 from Acton College, my professional journey rapidly progressed. By 23, I was overseeing sites for City and Country in Buckinghamshire, smoothly transitioning into office-based project management. At 27, I became a Contracts Manager, a role I held with pride until joining the dynamic team at Avantgarde Tiling in 2019. Parallel to this, my educational path has been shaped more by practical experience than formal academic training, with qualifications like NVQ2, SSSTS, and SMSTS enriching my expertise, making me a wellrounded professional in the field.

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