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Hi , I’m Cosmin.

Cosmin Tutuianu

Being part of Avantgarde Tiling family, feels like a journey that is demanding yet exceptionally rewarding. This affiliation has not only exposed me to challenges but has also granted me the privilege to have my professional beliefs imprinted into several prestigious buildings and projects not only in London but beyond.

Nature has consistently been my refuge serving as both a source of energy replenishment and inspiration. Whether seeking solace or creative stimulation, the natural world has been a constant companion in my professional and personal endeavours. Beyond the realm of tiling my hobbies - cycling tracking climbing swimming and fishing - play a crucial role in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. In my professional journey I have cultivated a passion for transforming typical products into high end standards. Precision has forged a connection with a fascinating world of motor sports, particularly the WRC rally. The high level of precision demanded in both tiling and motor sports has created a symbiotic relationship were skills developed in one domain seamlessly translate into the other.

My academic pursuit reached its Zenit with the culmination of my final degree research, which focused on studying the effects of chemical and thermal treatments on various materials. This research not only deepened my understanding of materials but also added an academic dimension to my practical expertise in the field.

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