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Hi , I’m Brandan.

Brandan Molloy

I am an Assistant Project Manager at Avantgarde Tiling. My role is central in supporting project planning, coordination, and execution. I collaborate closely with the project team, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently and maintaining open communication with stakeholders. My commitment to these responsibilities ensures that our projects are delivered efficiently and successfully.

Being a parent, especially to a toddler, means my hobbies have had to adapt. While it's challenging to maintain long-lasting hobbies, my passion for football remains unwavering. I relish the moments I can attend matches and cheer for my team. Additionally, I have a keen interest in history, a passion that has stayed with me since my school days. Whenever I find a moment, I immerse myself in reading and learning more about the past.
My academic journey began at St Aloysius, where I completed my Maths & English GCSEs. I then pursued further education at the College of North West London, specializing in Carpentry & Plumbing. My dedication and hard work earned me a Level 2 Diploma in Carpentry. My professional journey started at Moderna Contracts when I was 18. As a contract's assistant at this tiling contractor specializing in residential projects, I gained invaluable experience assisting contract managers and handling procurement. After a year of learning and growing, I made the transition to Avantgarde Tiling, where I continue to contribute and thrive.

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