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Hi , I’m Barbara.

Barbara Zanasi

What link do I have with the construction industry? I was born into an Italian construction firm that has been trading for over a century - not that my age comes any close to this figure! - and the rest came naturally. I love the idea that our industry is capable of powerful transformations, shaping landscapes, buildings and spaces, whilst new generations of men and women alike take pride working in this challenging, yet rewarding, sector.

Natural stone is my second skin: it mirrors the love I nurture for nature and geology by combining beautifully a sense of inner beauty with the dynamic use of materials that permeate design concepts.

Passion for quality. Quality through passion

How do I spend my free time when Avantgarde does not occupy the entirety of my thoughts? With theatre and music, both on and off stage. I also enjoy cooking and baking…and this is inevitably balanced by sports activities and running. I play for the strongest table tennis team Avantgarde ever had. Myself and senior estimator John Healy are the unbeatable champions at the Avantgarde office staff (visitors are warned, the challenge is on!).

My journey into the realm of natural stone began with a deep appreciation for nature and a keen interest in the earth's substrates, which led me to pursue a degree in Geology. This academic endeavor not only satisfied my geological curiosities but also laid a sturdy foundation for my professional pathway, unravelling the elegant blend of nature's inherent beauty with the pragmatic use of materials that echo through our design principles.

As the calendar pages flipped to 2015, a notable milestone marked my professional landscape as I achieved a Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Management. This was more than just a feather in my cap; it was a gateway to a broader horizon in managing construction projects. The journey didn't stop there; it was further adorned with reputable certifications including SMSTS, IOSH, and MCIOB, enhancing my toolkit in navigating the managerial aspect of construction ventures with a refined lens. Now, armed with a blend of geological insights and construction management acumen, every project unfolds as a canvas where the robustness of stone and the finesse of construction techniques come together to craft spaces that are not only functional but aesthetically captivating.

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