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Hi , I’m Adrian.

Adrian Ashby

As the Technical Director, I orchestrate the technical dynamics of projects, ensuring efficiency and innovation. My role is a harmonious dance between guiding our technical teams and fostering collaboration across departments, all while spearheading strategic initiatives to reach our long-term aspirations.

With a professional journey spanning 22 rewarding years in the concrete industry in London, I’ve delved into major projects that echo the ethos of architectural and sustainable concrete design. The canvas of construction is wide, and I am keen on melding the seamless insitu with the efficiencies of off-site construction, aiming for a sublime finish with sustainable materials

My roots trace back to Wigan, and after a scenic journey through various parts of the UK, I now nestle in the comforting embrace of Edinburgh with my family. Beyond the professional sphere, I dive into the world of platform and springboard diving, having been crowned the UK Amateur 10m diving champion multiple times. I also have a penchant for collecting Nike Air Jordans, a hobby that has flourished over 34 years.

The seeds of my professional acumen were sown at the University of St Andrews, where I explored the realms of Geology and Chemistry. The academic voyage sailed further to the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, culminating in a Masters in mineral deposit evaluation and mineral exploration. This robust academic foundation has been the cornerstone of my illustrious career in the concrete domain.

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